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Our eco-friendly activated charcoal bamboo fiber mint floss is the healthiest and cleanest way to floss your teeth. The bamboo fiber is sustainably harvested, the container is glass and stainless steel, and the packaging is recycled & recyclable. 

Bamboo Fiber Activated Charcoal Eco Floss

  • Simply run the floss across your lips to re-activate the activated charcoal and mint and you're good to go! The activated charcoal absorbs toxins and whitens the hard to reach portion between teeth and along the gum line.

    Unlike some name-brand floss made with teflon, our floss is made of all natural bamboo fibers and is conditioned with vegan candelilla wax. For those with tight teeth we recommend shifting which section of the floss you are using as you floss so that the natural fiber doesn't break while getting in between those tight spaces.

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