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Our Blessing Bath Facial Toner & Clearing Spray is a unique blend of 1008 holy waters from India and is infused with high quality sandalwood oil & rose water. This facial toner is incredibly refreshing and revitalizing as well as imparts the spiritual and health benefits of bathing in all these 1008 sacred bodies of water in India.

Blessing Bath Facial Toner & Clearing Spray


    Not only a rejuvenating facial toner, use Blessing Bath Spray on 1008+ occasions. For example, use before meditation, prayer, or yoga practice to remove all obstacles to your highest potential. Share with clients and participants before retreats, conflict resolution, counseling, massage therapy, team building exercises, and anytime you want yourself and those around you to step into the highest potential. 

    DIRECTIONS: Spritz top of head and face at least once a day!

    2 fl oz glass spray top bottle. 


    Distilled water, purified water from 1008 holy tirthas in India, pure sandalwood essential oil, pure rose water. 

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